Many of your students have probably been discussing the Discipline Matrix with others and with you at home. The ‘Matrix’ is a progressive discipline plan that has been gleaned from other Christian schools and adjusted to fit our student body. A team of teachers and students began work on this last year after discussion and review of what was already in place at LWCS. The plan spells out the expectations that LWCS has for students to be successful. It has been developed to include areas where grace is needed as well as provide clear consequences for counterproductive behaviors (which in reality will impact a very small minority of our student body). The staff as well as the families of our students value the sacrifice that is made to have students attend LWCS and we are prepared to train students not only academically and spiritually but also in the way to be successful in the world of work (being prepared, being on time, and being on task, etc).

Through prayer and consultation we believe the progressive discipline plan will provide structure as well as a way for us to support you, the parents, in your efforts to raise the next generation of Christian Leaders.