HIGH School Program

Grades 9-12

Lake Worth Christian School provides a challenging and comprehensive center of learning where Christian principles are involved in all areas of instruction. The school seeks to equip students for effective service and leadership by helping them grow academically, socially, and spiritually.

Christian Education

LWCS is a covenantal school serving a variety of Christian families committed to Jesus Christ. The interaction between teachers and students and students with their peers is very important developmentally during the high school years. The Christian influence in these relationships gives Biblical direction in their lives as they make decisions about life and their futures.

Devotional times, prayer, Bible classes, and weekly chapels all play an important role in the spiritual development of our students. What makes LWCS unique from other Christian schools is the emphasis of our students becoming discerning Christians, understanding the world through God's eyes. Our faculty teaches all of their courses from a Christian perspective, integrating Biblical values and principles.


LWCS offers a strong, well-balanced curriculum that prepares our students academically, with over 95% advancing on to colleges and universities. Students’ learning during the high school years becomes progressively more complex. An emphasis is placed on developing critical thinking skills across the curriculum. Students are expected to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life situations, integrating their faith with learning.

Twenty-four credits are required for graduation. Regular courses and electives available across the curriculum. Honors classes, which are weighted an extra point, are offered in CS Principles, Algebra II, English II, III, Chemistry, Physiology, Physics, Pre-Calculus, Psychology, Spanish III, and International Travel Studies. Advanced Placement credit is available in Calculus, CS Principles, English IV, Physiology and Portfolio Art.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities at LWCS play an important part in the lives of our students and are an extension of our educational program. More than 80 of our students participate in one or more activities. Many opportunities are available for students to be part of a club, activity, or sport. Interaction with a variety of students in a setting outside of the classroom can be a very meaningful experience, helping to develop Christian values and characteristics.