Elementary Program

Grades 1-5

Students in the Lake Worth Christian Elementary Program build on the foundation laid in the early childhood program. Emphasizing Christian values and principles, the elementary program continues growing Christian leaders. The academic programs are designed for the average to above average student with emphasis placed on a traditional approach to the various subject areas. Students are nurtured by caring, certified teachers in a loving atmosphere.


The standard curriculum includes Bible, Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, Penmanship, Math, Social Studies and Science. In Bible, emphasis is placed on the memorization of Scripture and on applying Biblical principles to everyday living. A strong phonetic program including oral reading and comprehension is emphasized in the lower elementary classes. Strong emphasis is placed on grammar skills in the upper elementary classes. Computational skills in math are drilled, including memorization of math tallies. Emphasis is also given to critical thinking skills. Study skills are taught in the upper elementary grades, particularly in the areas of social studies and science. Grades are based on homework, class work, group projects, reports, quizzes, and tests.


Specialists in a variety of areas enhance the elementary program as well. Music classes include singing and musical instruments. Lower elementary students use rhythm instruments, while upper elementary students learn to play the recorder and bells. Fifth grade students learn to play a band instrument. In Spanish, students continue to learn vocabulary and conversation skills. Physical education enhances fine motor skills and teaches good sportsmanship and skills for team sports. During library time, students are introduced to a variety of types of literature, research and library skills, and are encouraged to take books out to read. Computers are found in each of the classrooms. In the lower elementary classes, computers are used in centers, while in the upper elementary classes they enhance reading and other subject areas.

Extra-Curricular Events

Extra-curricular events also augment the elementary program for students in the upper elementary grades. Academic contests are held in math, spelling, and social studies each year. During each quarter, a different sport is emphasized in an after-school intramural program for students in grades 4 and 5. All students participate in the science fair, social studies fair, and fine arts.

Iowa Test Results

Elementary Results

1st Grade - 2.3 Grade Level Grade Equivalent Composite Score

2nd Grade - 3.9 Grade Level Grade Equivalent Composite Score

3rd Grade - 4.9 Grade Level Grade Equivalent Composite Score

4th Grade - 5.9 Grade Level Grade Equivalent Composite Score

5th Grade - 6.9 Grade Level Grade Equivalent Composite Score