11th Grade AP Language & 12th Grade AP Literature Assignment

11th Grade AP Language & 12th Grade AP Literature

For ALL of 11th & 12th Grade (AP LANG and AP LIT please complete this assignment and the assignment specific to your class as well, which you will find on this link click here).

Your Books Are:

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton

I’m leaving a set of books, at the LWC front desk for checkout, only one copy at a time. The LWC School Library is closed this summer and there will be no copies available to check out. Amazon and the Public Library are the other options.

Read each novel and answer the chapter questions attached below. Please respond to each question in complete 2-3 sentences. You may type the answers if you please, just be sure to rewrite each question. Upon returning to school, there will be a multiple choice test, including an essay section. I will give you the essays ahead of time so you can prepare as you read. I will select two from the list, so make sure you are able to write a five paragraph essay about each essay topic. The key here is to make sure you pay attention and read the novels, if you read well, you will have plenty to write about each essay, and perform well on the test. If you Sparknote, Shmoop, or LitChart your way through the novels, you will not perform well come test day.

300 total minutes of Membean

Please make sure you complete all 300 minutes. How you break it up is totally up to you. I will subtract points for “dubious minutes” so make sure you are actually completing and using the program correctly.