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"Discovering and Developing Your Learning Potential"


Unique Characteristics of the LWC Discovery Program:


  • explicit and intentional instruction
  • Intensive Mental Stimulation
  • Language Skills
  • Perception - Visual and Auditory
  • Cognition - Thinking and Understanding
  • Memory
  • Non-tutorial
  • Deficit Stimulation

Discovery is a course taken by students of average to superior ability whose academic performance does not reflect their ability. 


Course includes focus in the following areas:

Reading Comprehension
Visual Motor Skills
Auditory Memory
Reading Fluency
Attention To Detail
Visual Memory
Writing Skills

Our techniques were developed and researched at The National Institute for Learning Development

Our Discovery Staff:
Lisa Lennon, B.S., NILD Certified
Lisa Lennon, B.S.,
NILD Certified
Sandy Gemmer, M.Ed., 
NILD Certified
Kaitlyn Johnson, B.S. 
Tia Welton, B.A.








The cost for students in the Discovery program for 2019-2020 are:

$6,800 Full Time                                     $4,100 Part Time









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