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   Typically high school graduations portrayed in movies depict kids throwing their caps in the air with great joy. They “run for freedom” out through the doors of the school. The underlying message is that these recent graduates are glad that their high school experience is over. This was not the case in 1984 when I graduated from LWC. I distinctly recall feeling sad as I looked for the last time at the place that was my home away from home for 4 of the most formative years of my life. I considered the teachers, staff and my fellow students to be my extended family. I could write volumes of examples of the compassion and Christian love I received during my years at LWC. I received a great education at LWC.  However, the Christian soul and spirit at LWC was more important. I feel privileged to be able to look back on my high school years and to truly recall them as wonderful times. In my view, this is the sign of a truly great school. I would highly, without any reservation whatsoever, recommend Lake Worth Christian School to any parent or student. Lake Worth Christian educates on the highest level, but more importantly, LWC is a Christian home and family where growing souls are nourished, protected and allowed to grow in The Lord. 
Lee E Levenson, Attorney at Law

***   For our family, Lake Worth Christian School has been a beautiful place to discover Christian-oriented academic opportunities and meet families with similar Christian values.  We prayed that we would be able to have our children attend Lake Worth Christian School for four years.  When we completed our application for admission we stated that we were most excited about having our home life, our church life, and our academic life all have the same Christ-centered focus.
When our daughter finished her first day of pre-school in August of 2007, she said, "I don't want to go to any other school besides Lake Worth Christian!"  I told her I was so glad to hear that because, unless the Lord moves our family, Lake Worth Christian School would be her academic home for the next 14 years.
Our son, currently a fifth grader, participated in the Discovery Program's Social Group evening program for three years.  He is high-functioning Autistic and has been in the mainstream classroom at Lake Worth Christian School since his first year here which was second grade.
There are a wide variety of opportunities to volunteer and feel like you are part of the Lake Worth Christian School family.  From the Parent Guild to the music programs to the Elementary Yearbook, there is always a place for a willing heart with a set of hands.
We love the families who have become our friends at Lake Worth Christian School.  We truly feel like we belong at LWCS.
J. Grinage

***   My daughter began attending LWCS at age 4.  I had always wanted my daughter to go to a Christian school but the financial aspect of it just kept it completely out of my vision.  God had other plans!  You see, my vision for my daughter has always been that she would know Jesus and that she would have her own relationship with him.  I can’t save her but I can guide her.  I began looking for schools that accepted the VPK voucher and to my surprise LWCS was the very first school that popped up.  I had a meeting with Mr. Vande Pol and my daughter began school that very next Monday.  Since she has been a part of LWCS I have seen my daughter’s confidence grow in not only herself but she is seeing Christ reflected in each and every student, teacher and parent that she comes in contact with.  God has provided financially for my daughter to be able to attend and she is worth every single penny spent.  I pray that God will continue to provide. 
A. Robles

*** We love Lake Worth Christian School!
The Christian environment that is cultivated and the educational standards that are expected exceed our expectations.
We're so grateful for the ministry of LWCS.

D. Mizell

*** In reflecting on our 1st semester experience of Lake Worth Christian High School, our family would like to thank all of the staff for such a wonderful welcome. Our child has so enjoyed her first experience in a school setting. Blossoming into quite the social bug and loving her teachers, there is no turning back now! :) We are very excited about what she has accomplished and thankful for her lasting enthusiasm to go to school daily. After homeschooling so long it has been such a blessing to know she is in a loving, caring, safe, learning environment where she will and is continuing to grow and flourish both personally and academically. We are so grateful to the entire staff family for creating this environment. We know personally on a much smaller scale this takes lots of hard work, dedication, sweat and tears at times. We look forward to the coming years partnering with you in whatever ways we can to continue "Growing (our) Christian Leaders"!

*** On the way to work just an hour ago I was thinking of the things I am most grateful for this year.  Of course God and family are always at the top of the list but, after that, the thing I am most thankful for this year is that God has provided us with the means to send our child to Lake Worth Christian.   I am absolutely thrilled with her teacher, her progress, the family-like atmosphere and so many other aspects of LWCS.  You know me well by now, I could go on forever with the things I love about LWCS. 

L. Henegar

*** We are so very happy that we moved our daughter  to LWCS, it was one of the best decisions we have made.  She had a hard time in the beginning with the challenging academics but with help from her teachers is doing so very well now.  Her teachers have been very helpful, and give us great feedback.  Also, the girls she has become friends with are so very nice. 

A. Weldon

*** My husband & I have the same thoughts; LWCS is sweet, small, gentle and the perfect place for our daughter.  It gives us peace of mind. 

I have always enjoyed the Fall Teacher Conferences. It is the place I meet the heart and soul of LWCS, the teachers.  They are always full of interesting tidbits about our child.  I enjoy meeting each personality, plus it is a great source of information when the e-mails arrive about her grades.  

Mrs. Therein has awakened our daughter’s artistic talent.  I have the pleasure of looking at a stunning self-portrait of her and a charcoal portrait she most recently brought home of my brother. She is proud to say that her art has hung in the school office and on the walls of the hallway.  Mrs. Therein also jump started my older daughter's creative energy in elementary school, she is now a self-sufficient graphic artist in Manhattan. 

I am absolutely amazed at Mrs. Hook’s talent and energy, her love of Math has brought our daughter to a better understanding of it.  

I asked her what she liked about LWCS, she agreed the teachers are great.  

This year, Volleyball State Championships was an absolutely exciting event.  I was overwhelmed by the "fan" participation, including Mr. & Mrs. Hook sitting quietly until the excitement became unbearable. Sports at LWCS has a level of community spirit I have never known.  It is joyous.  

One other moment I would like to share;  When the gym floor needed to be removed, my husband loaded a very heavy  floor stripper into the car. By the time we arrived about 10am, the entire floor was being swept clean. In two hours the whole gym had been transformed by diligent volunteers on a mission. I think LWCS might be "The Little School That Could".

The Discovery Program has guided our family through numerous achievements. The pinnacle of our appreciation lies with Mrs. Jane Zylstra, she has changed our daughter’s life in a way that we can not measure. We will always be grateful to LWCS for giving her wings.


The mission of Lake Worth Christian School is to serve the Christian community by providing quality education based on a Biblical perspective and to nurture students to grow in knowledge, conviction, and maturity in the faith, living as servants within the community and reconciling all relationships to Jesus Christ.

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