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Our Philosophy/Mission Statement

Lake Worth Christian School is a necessary and joyful means to bring glory and honor to God in response to His mercy to His people. The school is necessary because education is essential for effective obedience to God's will; it is joyful because as God's children we individually and communally serve, explore, participate, and delight in His creation.

Every human has a perspective of world-view that directs and empowers the way he speaks, acts, and lives. The educational perspective of Lake Worth Christian School is based on the authority of the Bible as the written Word of God. In our understanding of the Bible, we find help and direction in the Reformed heritage and confessional standards. The school recognizes that Christians adhere to a variety of confessional standards and it actively support interdenominational ministry by helping all Christian parents in their efforts to lead their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

One way to summarize the philosophy of Lake Worth Christian School is to understand the relationships between the individual and God, the individual and self, the individual and other human beings, and the individual and all other aspects of God's creation. The purpose of Lake Worth Christian school is to train the student to live and respond to these relationships as commanded in God's Word.

In creation these relationships were established to bring honor and glory to God. Man, created in the image of God, is given special responsibility to be God's representative to insure that his life and all of his relationships are consistent with the ideas God has established. Man has a special role as steward in subduing, controlling, and preserving the earth.

All of the ideal relationships however were distorted when man willfully rejected his assigned place and attempted to build his own kingdom. In spite of man's response, God provided through the atonement of Jesus Christ the means of restoring the relationships. Men are free in thankful response to serve God as sovereign Lord, to love and respect themselves as God's image bearers and to love their neighbors.

We are called as Christians to grow in maturity in Jesus Christ, to be knowledgeable about our faith, to stand firm in our convictions, to live as servants within community, and to work toward reconciling all things and relationships to Jesus Christ. The home has the primary responsibility for the children and is the children's primary source of nurture and guidance. The school serves as an extension of the home. The Christian parent, as a member of the body of Christ, seeks family growth in faith and practice with regular and active involvement in a local Christian church.

The mission of Lake Worth Christian School is to serve the Christian community by providing quality education based on a Biblical perspective and to nurture students to grow in knowledge, conviction, and maturity in the faith, living as servants within the community and reconciling all relationships to Jesus Christ.

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