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Beth Acosta Acosta, Beth
Guido Adolphy Adolphy, Guido
Morgan Aliapoulios Aliapoulios, Morgan
Diana Allen Allen, Diana
Carolina Assuncao Assuncao, Carolina
Kimmie Baker Baker, Kimmie
David Bom Bom, David
Nancy Bom Bom, Nancy
Lisa Crisafulli Crisafulli, Lisa
Kelly Cronin Cronin, Kelly
Dave Danker Danker, Dave
Wes Davidson Davidson, Wes
Heather Dopico Dopico, Heather
Alex Drummer Drummer, Alex
Juli Duke Duke, Juli
Marie Eddy- Giresi Eddy- Giresi, Marie
Adam Fabel Fabel, Adam
Tony Fanego Fanego, Tony
Lee Nora Frederick Frederick, Lee Nora
Nivea Freitas Freitas, Nivea
Sandy Gemmer Gemmer, Sandy
Gabrielle Gillenwater Gillenwater, Gabrielle
Amber Gorrin Gorrin, Amber
Tim Goslinga Goslinga, Tim
Holly Harrelson Harrelson, Holly
Phillip Harrelson Harrelson, Phillip
Jim Harwood Harwood, Jim
Nancy Hook Hook, Nancy
Robin Hughes Hughes, Robin
Mary Ann Jinesta-Peralta Jinesta-Peralta, Mary Ann
Austin Johnson Johnson, Austin
Kaitlyn Johnson Johnson, Kaitlyn
Janel Kauffman Kauffman, Janel
Danielle Keesee Keesee, Danielle
Kimberly Kintz Kintz, Kimberly
Lisa Lennon Lennon, Lisa
Ryan Lockett Lockett, Ryan
Patricia Lopez Lopez, Patricia
Cari Luciano Luciano, Cari
Suzy Milian Milian, Suzy
Michelle Miller Miller, Michelle
Aimee Myers Myers, Aimee
Maria Novay Novay, Maria
Dave Peeling Peeling, Dave
Jennie Peters Peters, Jennie
Jonathan Ramoutar Ramoutar, Jonathan
Heidi Reynolds Reynolds, Heidi
Stormy Rosa Rosa, Stormy
Robin Shelley Shelley, Robin
Lorin Shropshire Shropshire, Lorin
Laura Switzer Switzer, Laura
Katie Thomas Thomas, Katie
Deanna Tocco Tocco, Deanna
Michel Urdanivia Urdanivia, Michel
Sarah Urdanivia Urdanivia, Sarah
Mary Vento Vento, Mary
Megan Wade Wade, Megan
Gary Welton Welton, Gary
Tia Welton Welton, Tia
Zack Wingate Wingate, Zack
Yanisa Worley Worley, Yanisa
Carissa Zylstra Zylstra, Carissa

Forms are available in the office to make a report of instructor or personnel misconduct.

The mission of Lake Worth Christian School is to serve the Christian community by providing quality education based on a Biblical perspective and to nurture students to grow in knowledge, conviction, and maturity in the faith, living as servants within the community and reconciling all relationships to Jesus Christ.

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